Växtrum designers

Cecilia Liljedahl

Cecilia has spent many years transforming large parks and public spaces across Europe. Her focus is on raising the social and green perspective in an urban environment. She was a project manager for the Green World garden event that took place in Gothenburg in 2016, at which Växtrum participated. Cecilia’s Växtrum garden in Lerum is called Solens öga (Eye of the sun) and was created in 2019. 

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“I think Växtrum is a fantastic project. It is targeted at creating public spaces that are for everyone. It directly engages local people and brings life to spaces that might otherwise largely go unnoticed.”

porträtt av cecilia liljedahl

Anders Stålhand

Gardens, plants and nature have always been part of Anders’ life. Creating something for people to enjoy has been a constant thread throughout his career, which includes television appearances, writing, creation of exhibition gardens and much more. Anders designed the Växtrum garden called Mångfalden (Diversity) which was created in 2019. 

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“I like to see the process as a string of encounters with people, expectations and hopes.”

Porträtt av Anders Stålhand

Mona Holmberg

Mona brings her years of experience of horticulture in public spaces and her wealth of knowledge about plants to Växtrum. She has designed a garden in Lerum that aims to provide visual pleasure to people of all ages for years to come. The Växtrum garden is called Tingshusparken (Courthouse park) and was created in 2018. 

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“I want to create gardens that can be accessed and enjoyed by lots of people. It is fantastic to have the opportunity to create a garden for those who don’t have a garden of their own. Happiness is returning to a garden that we’ve created and finding it has become an oasis.”

mona holmberg

Peter Englander

One of Peter’s favourite garden pastimes is roasting lamb on the barbecue, sprinkling it with home-grown rosemary and enjoying the delicious smells that fill the air on a warm summer evening. Lerum now has an exciting outdoor space with a Mediterranean flavour, thanks to garden designer, businessman and author Peter Englander. The Växtrum garden he designed is called Giardino segreto, the Secret garden, and was created in 2018. 

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“It’s going to be great fun. Especially working in a team with local people. Projects that involve the local community become lasting and sustainable.”

peter englander

Gunnel Carlson

As the presenter of a popular gardening programme, Gunnel has been a familiar face on Swedish television for years. Visiting other people’s gardens is a great way to find inspiration. Gunnel’s Växtrum garden in Lerum is called Aspen sol (Aspen sun) and was created in 2017. 

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“I think the Växtrum project is a fantastic idea. Creating green spaces for the community to enjoy. People often choose soft, gentle shades for their gardens. So garden designers don’t always use strong, vibrant colours. But that’s what I want to do. Strong colours lift the spirits.”

gunnel carlson

Gerben Tjeerdsma

Gerben Tjeerdsma has loved gardening since he was a boy. At the age of 13, he got a part-time job at a nursery in Gytsjerk, the village where he grew up in the Netherlands. He now runs his own nursery, Gerbianska Trädgården, near Halmstad in Sweden. Gerben’s Växtrum garden is called Snödroppslunden (Snowdrop grove) and was created in 2017. 

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“What I enjoy most is seeing the garden take shape, the whole process of creating it. You don’t know what it will be like until it’s finished. It’s exciting.”

Porträtt av Gerben Tjeerdsma

Karin Berglund

Karin is an experienced and popular writer for gardening magazines. She has also written a number of garden-related books and is a photographer with the ability to tickle your gardening senses. She remembers how her mother dug up the entire garden to grow vegetables during the war. Karin was not particularly interested in gardening when she was young. She moved to Stockholm and worked as a financial reporter for a newspaper. Karin’s Växtrum garden is called Nyebrotäppen (Nyebro garden) and was created in 2016. 

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Porträtt av Karin Berglund

André Strömqvist

André is a popular gardening journalist and author, has considerable experience of organic gardening, and recently opened a garden shop in central Sweden where he grew up. He started collecting and cultivating plants when he was a boy. He saved plants from abandoned gardens and his green fingers gave them the chance to grow and thrive.  André’s Växtrum garden is called Frödningslunden and was created in 2016. 

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“I’m always collecting seeds and taking cuttings. I’ll never stop. When I was little, I planted a conker. The horse-chestnut tree flowered for the first time when I was 21. That’s pretty cool.”

Porträtt av andre strömqvist

Simon Irvine

Simon was born in England and has lived in Sweden since 1990. He has worked as a gardener for the National Trust and studied at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Since the early 1980s, he has designed numerous gardens and parks. His extensive knowledge of plants, an organic approach and a strong sense of shape and form have been applied to his designs. He has also written several books on gardening. Today, Simon manages the castle gardens at Läckö Slott. Simon’s Växtrum garden is called Brobackenslänten (Brobacken slope) and was created in 2015, the year the project began. 

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porträtt av simon irvine

Hannu Sarenström

Hannu believes the garden should be a haven without any rules. A place that gives pure pleasure. Hannu has created a garden that contains an outstanding collection of plants at his home. He has written a number of gardening books and articles. Hannu has been a regular face on popular gardening programmes and is much in demand for personal appearances. Hannu’s Växtrum garden is called Aluddensgläntan (Aludden’s glade) and was created in 2015, the year the project began.

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porträtt av hannu sarenström