One key aim of the Växtrum project is to establish and build relationships with interesting companies. Several local partners support the project in Lerum through financial or material contributions, coordinated activities for visitors and by exchanging information and ideas concerning sustainability with one another and with Lerum Municipal Council. We are pleased to have the following businesses and organisations as our partners today.

Lerums kommuns logga

Lerum Municipal Council

The initiative for the Växtrum project in Lerum came from its Municipal Council in 2015. Working collaboratively with our designers, local residents and partners, we have created ten unique Växtrum gardens along the riverside walk.

Sparbanken alingsås logga

Sparbanksstiftelsen Alingsås

Sparbanken Alingsås promotes community development initiatives in the region where the bank has branches.

Logotyp Universeum


Universeum is a science centre in Gothenburg with a strong focus on sustainability and on spreading knowledge and inspiration to young people and children.

Aludden logga

Aludden Prôvidore

The restaurant believes the Växtrum project offers exciting potential to develop a natural meeting place where residents and visitors can enjoy evenings of musical entertainment and great food in beautiful surroundings.

Ica logga

Ica Kvantum Lerum

The ICA supermarket supports the project as a fantastic way of creating a natural walkway through well-designed, attractive green spaces.

Bild på bostadsutvecklingsföretaget Jutabos logotyp.


A housing development company that focuses on sustainability and long-term performance and participates actively in the local community.

peab asfalt logga

PEAB asfalt

The company provides the materials required to prepare the ground and other surface features at the sites.

Lerum energi logga

Lerum energi

Thanks to support from the local energy supply company, we are now starting to add lighting to our outdoor spaces. This will make our Växtrum gardens safer places to visit and will extend the season.

Rölunda logga

Rölunda Gård

The company has donated all the soil for all the gardens. The soil in our gardens is organic, of course.

Partners previous years

  • Oboya – 2015
  • Ernst Rosén 2015 – 2017
  • Aspen strand (Wallenstam, Skanska, HSB) 2015 och 2018