Events and bookings

Besökare vid växtrumsplats

Free guided tours

You can explore the unique gardens of Lerum on your own, following the colourful map available from this website. Or if you prefer, you can join one of our free guided tours. These take place during the summer months. If you wish to visit all ten gardens, the route is 3.6 kilometres long. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to wear comfortable shoes.

Guidning vid växtrumsplats Snödroppslunden

Book a private guided tour in English

Are you interested in a private tour of Lerum’s Växtrum gardens? Guided tours for groups can be arranged. Each tour will be tailored to suit the group’s schedule and interests and can last up to three hours. The tour can take in all ten Växtrum gardens or just those you are particularly interested in visiting.